Our farm is a space for sharing agricultural knowledge and fostering community around land stewardship.  We learned most of what we know from other farmers, we strive to be a resource for our community, from the informal educational moment of a neighbor leaning over the fence for garden advice, to classroom visits and speaking engagements.

Garden Tours: We have hosted neighbors, school and university groups, other aspiring and beginning farmers, and agricultural service providers interested in learning about urban agriculture.

Volunteers: Interested volunteers can sign up with us via email to hear about monthly work days.

Classroom Visits and On-Farm Workshops: Covering topics such as urban growing practices, lead soil remediation, urban chicken keeping, composting and vermiculture, seed starting strategies, homesteading, and biointensive greens production. We have also done presentations for high school and university classes.

Speaking Engagements: the farmers have presented in the past at NOFA-VT, TedX Providence, NEFU annual board meeting, RI Women in Ag conference, and more.

In an effort to be as accessible as possible, we ask that organizations and individuals consider making a pay-what-you-can donation to the farm for their experiences with us.