CSA Details 2018

5/22 Please note: we have shares left for July-Oct, but June preview is sold out!

The Spring Preview: June only

$45 for four weeks of spring vegetables

The month of June will be a smaller "spring preview" CSA, featuring the first bounty that we wait for all winter! Peas, baby greens, salad, radishes, scallions, and fresh herbs. Limited number of shares available!


    The Standard Share: July through October

    Sliding scale $300 - $400

    This is an ideal share for a single vegetable-loving person, a couple, or a family that wants a CSA share to supplement their week’s groceries or farmers market purchases. The quantity and variety of the weekly shares will fluctuate with the bounty of the season.  As CSA farmers, we intend to share the season’s abundance with our members by making sure that each week’s share reflects what’s plentiful and delicious at that moment. A typical weekly share includes:

    • a bag of our signature salad mix
    • cooking greens (kale, collards, rainbow chard)
    • a small selection of fresh culinary herbs
    • a selection of other seasonal items:
      • Summer: tomatoes, eggplant, beans, broccoli raab, basil, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatillos, scallions, husk cherries
      • Fall: turnips, beets, carrots, arugula, spinach, garlic, broccoli raab, radishes, potatoes, fresh onions, winter squash


    More Options

    Add on a Flower Share!

    July through October, we will be offering a weekly flower share. Your bouquets can be picked up with your vegetables, and are sure to brighten your table just as much as the food. Sign up for one month of flowers for $50, or four months for $175.

    Herbal Tea Share with Sanctuary Herbs

    Our friends at Sanctuary Herbs of Providence (www.sanctuaryherbs.com) are offering an herbal tea CSA!  Sanctuary Herbs purchases herbs from refugee and immigrant farmers in Rhode Island. This is an opportunity to become part of a community of refugee farmers who now call Rhode Island home! Improve your health and well-being with flavorful, locally-grown, chemical-free herbal teas and culinary herbs, including familiar favorites and farmer-inspired custom blends.

    Sample tea blends include:
    Glitter (Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass, Ginger and Peppermint), Cloud 9 (Holy Basil, Lavender and Peppermint), Dream Sweet (Lemon Balm and Chamomile), Safe Haven (Spearmint, Nettle, and Lemon Thyme)

    They are offering two packages, six month subscriptions, both shipped monthly to your home.
    Tisane Essence: $60 ($10 per month) for 1 package of aromatic, freshly harvested and dried herbal tea.
    Tisane and Herb Medley: $120 ($20 per month) for 2 packages of tea and 1 package of culinary herbs.

    Month Long Gift Shares

    A month of weekly vegetable baskets makes a great gift. Redeemable July through October only. $100. Email us for more detail


    Pick Ups

    New this year - Tuesdays in Providence, OR Thursdays in Seekonk, 4:30 - 7 PM

    TUESDAY - WEST SIDE PROVIDENCE at our urban plot, 47 Harrison Street,  one block east of Armory Park

    TUESDAY - EAST SIDE PROVIDENCE, at Temple Beth-El, 70 Orchard Ave

    THURSDAY - IN SEEKONK at our farm at 130 Jacob Street



    Our standard CSA share is available on a sliding scale from $300-$400.  The intent of offering the share on a sliding scale is to enable those with smaller incomes to participate in our local food economy.  If you can afford to pay on the higher end of the spectrum, please do; higher payments will directly subsidize lower ones, and whether you pay $300 or $400 for your share, we promise that the vegetables you receive are coming at a good value.

    The cost of a share means that for around $1 per day for one year, you’ve bought yourself weeks of fresh seasonal vegetables, picked hours before you receive them.  You’re also buying yourself a share in a local enterprise, and a relationship with four farmers who are committed to making our city, state and region a more fertile place.

    Personal checks are payable to Sidewalk Ends Farm.  Online payments can be arranged through Paypal or Venmo.

    If it would be a hardship for you to pay a lump sum at the beginning of the season, we can accept payment in installments throughout the season. We can also accept SNAP/EBT payments in installments through the farmer’s market. Email us at sidewalkendsfarm@gmail.com to set up a payment plan.

    There are a limited number of opportunities to join our CSA through a work share -- either on the farm helping with planting and harvesting, OR as a marketing work share at CSA pickup. Email us to discuss options if you are interested!


    CSA Policy

    Missed or Late Pick Up

    Missed - Please do your best to notify us ahead of time if you will be skipping a week of vegetables. No need to alert us if you'll be sending a friend in your place.

    Late - If you won't make it by 7pm, BUT you do intend to pick up your share later that evening or the following morning, we can bag up your vegetables and leave them for you in a cooler.  Send an email by 7pm, or as early as you are able, to alert us that you'll need a bagged share. To prevent wilted, wasted food, we will not leave shares bagged unless they are requested. We cannot store CSA shares past noon on the day after your pick up.


    Work Contribution

    We encourage, but do not require, each member to join us at the farm for one half day work session at some point during the season.  We will occasionally schedule work parties when we have big projects, mostly during the spring and fall. You are also welcome to let us know a time you’d like to come volunteer.


    What is a CSA?

    Community Supported Agriculture makes small farms like ours possible. When you join a CSA, it is essentially an advance purchase of vegetables at the beginning of the growing season. Your payments in the winter and early spring provide an influx of cash for farmers to buy the supplies and seeds that will eventually grow into the salad, kale, turnips and tomatoes that will end up in your kitchen all summer and fall. CSA membership is a meaningful commitment to eating locally and supporting your neighborhood farmer.

    When you become a CSA member, you also commit to eating what the season provides, and we promise to share that bounty with you.  The CSA model fosters community; at each CSA pick-up, you have the chance to talk to the farmers and see how the crops are doing, and we get the pleasure of checking in with the people who eat what we grow.